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Why Should Pittsburgh Gear Repair Your Gearboxes?


Many places can "fix" your gearboxes.

Why send them to Pittsburgh Gear?


1.         Experience:  We've learned what works and, more importantly, what doesn't work by repairing and rebuilding a wide variety of brands and types.  We're used to working on obsolete and "oddball" gear boxes.  Nobody understands the steel industry environment better than Pittsburgh Gear!

2.         Capability:  We're not at the mercy of OEM part deliveries.  Our shop includes all the people, equipment, and tooling needed to make most replacement parts, including fabricating, heat treating, and gear grinding.  We stock the common gear materials (4140, 4340, 8620, and 4320) in uncommon sizes (up to 32" diameter) and can quickly convert it into the part you need to get running again.  We can make patterns in-house to obtain replacements for obsolete castings.

3.         Connections:  Our sister plant, the Brad Foote Gear Works in Cicero, IL, is just as well equipped.  We have close working relationships with several power transmission equipment service centers and can usually locate the bearings, seals, and fasteners you need overnight.  Our forging and casting suppliers are used to the "breakdown delivery" business.

4.         Location:  Our Cicero IL plant just south of Chicago is in the heart of "Steel Country".  Our company truck is only a short drive away from picking up your problem and delivering a solution.  We welcome plant visits by your engineers and maintenance crew to examine the worn or broken parts and review the repairs.

  1. Design Capability:  Anyone can take out the worn parts and replace them.  Our staff of engineers can evaluate the overall design and suggest changes to make the repaired product better than new.  In some cases the service life of the gearbox can be greatly increased by making material or heat treat changes that have only a small effect on the cost.  In other cases we've been able to increase the load capacity to meet the increased demands of today's production levels while saving you the extended downtime needed to refit a more modern gearbox in the line.



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