Nail polish on Carpet

"Our little girl was playing in my makeup drawer and opened my red nail polish and spilled it on our New bathroom carpeting.  I said let's try L©VLAST and it removed it completely"


Crayons on Sofa

"My little boy was working very hard crayoning in his coloring book when I noticed he was also coloring my Mother-In-Laws sofa.  Our first thought was it's ruined, but we tried L©VLAST .  It worked and it saved our happy home.  We use it on everything"


Grease on Shirts

"My husband works in dress shirts but also must go to the shop floor to check on parts.  He comes home with grease on his cuffs on a regular basis.  I tried many cleaners, but until I found L©VLAST nothing else worked.  Now I use it on all spots and delicate items"


Grass Stains

"My boy's baseball uniform in past years yellowed and had grass stains on it about half way through the season.  Now with L©VLAST his uniform looks white all year even in the all star games,  It's the best cleaner I've found"


Shoe Polish on Carpet

"My husband always polishes his shoes in the bedroom  We got new beige carpeting and on the first day my husband dropped the polish on the carpet.  We thought the carpet was permanently damaged and we were going to replace it.  Since I was already using L©VLAST , I thought why not give it a try.  It cleaned up completely."
P.S. "My husband doesn't polish his shoes in the bedroom anymore"


Red Wine on Tennis Shoes

"I had a sample 4 oz. LOVLAST given to me by a friend.  That same day I was at a first Communion party and someone spilled red wine all over one of my new white tennis shoes.  I came home and thought it was a goner, then I saw this little blue bottle staring at me on the table.  It said a cold water cleaner for all washables.  I gave it a try and it took the red color completely out of my tennis shoe.  I now use L©VLAST on a regular basis."


Hair Coloring

I am a beautician who does a lot of coloring of hair and no matter how carefully I am I always get a little dye somewhere.  I now keep
L©VLAST in the shop and I clean the spots out of my customers clothes right on the chair.  Thanks for coming up with a product that is so safe on so many different types of fabrics.


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