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For over a quarter of a century, Albco Foundry has been dedicated to providing the best quality products at competitive prices.  Our production facility can supply your complete foundry requirements in zinc-aluminum-graphite permanent mold castings, aluminum, babbitt and copper based alloy sand castings.

We began operations early in 1956 and moved to our current location in 1962.  Through the years we have expanded our facility adding over half a million dollars in new equipment including all new electric induction furnaces, sand preparation system and modern handling equipment.  We constantly review new methods and new ways to improve our facilities.

Assured, high quality product is our constant aim and assisting us to maintain this standard is our talented and experienced personnel.  Orders are taken by a small close-knit group of individuals that can immediately respond with technical knowledge and production information.  Our sales force, many of whom have degrees in Engineering and Metallurgy are extremely well equipped to answer design and application problems.  Over-all, operations are assisted by computerized systems which enhance our productive time and responsiveness.

Producing high-quality castings is Albco's only business, and you can count on us to supply you with the best casting practices in the industry,  Fair pricing and hones customer oriented attitude is the only way we do business at Albco Foundry and Machine Co., Inc.


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Static Sand Castings--Non-Ferrous

  • Less than 1 Lb. To 2500 lbs. Brass and Bronze
  • Up to 250 Lb. Aluminum Castings
  • 500 Lb. Zinc Alloy Castings
  • Quantities from one piece to thousands
  • Green Sand, No Bake molding, Cores produced in CO2, Resin Shell and Air Set.

High Production
Aluminum Sand Castings
  • Two 14" x 19" Hunter Automatic Molding Machines.
  • Plus Squeezers and Roto Lifts
  • Fraction of one Lb. To 150 Lbs.

Graphite Permanent Mold Castings
  • Zinc Base Alloys ZA-8 and ZA-12 and Aluminum
  • Three 14" and two 20" Automatic Casting Machines
  • Custom Vertical Casting Machines
  • Hand Size Precision Castings from ounces to 15 Lbs.
  • Sizes up to 10" wide, 15" long, or as deep as 4"
  • Complete graphite mold-making and machining in house

In House Machining
  • Complete machine shop facility
  • Lathes, Vertical and Horizontal Mills
  • CNC
  • 50" Maximum Outside Diameter
  • 252" in Length

In House Inventory
  • Bar Stock
  • Cored Bar Stock
  • Plate Stock

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