...is so right for so many things

Great for all sports apparel made of today's high tech microfiber fabrics along with Spandex, Lycra and others.  Keep them looking new and retains the elasticity and shape.  Removes odors and stains in only cold water.  Gets out perspiration without affecting the color or causing it to run.

  • ACTION SPORTS such as:
  • SOCCER and others, require special uniforms that have special needs.  Perspiration odors, grass stains, and blood are all effectively cleaned with L©VLAST in cold water.
  • EXERCISE clothing is expensive and need the right care to prolong its life.  L©VLAST retains its shape and holding power.  L©VLAST should be your first choice for cleaning your:
  • Lycra CYCLING shorts and tops.
  • AEROBIC Spandex tights and tops, RUNNING compression shorts.
  • YOGA Lycra leotards and others  Also great for natural cotton fabrics.
  • OUTDOOR RECREATION  L©VLAST works well in removing stains such as blood, and perspiration out of your HIKING, CLIMBING, FISHING apparel.  It works in only cold water, is environmentally safe, phosphate free and biodegradable.  It is also a great stain remover.
  • SWIMWEAR will look great for more than a season without loosing its shape or the colors fading.  L©VLAST was specifically designed for the Lycra, Spandex and modern microfiber fabrics found in swimwear today.  L©VLAST cleans stubborn stains like oil and grease in cold water and keeps your swimwear looking its best.    Use L©VLAST on the great looking SWIMWEAR that you spent so long looking for.









Great for the delicate hand wash personal items.  L©VLAST retains the elasticity and keeps colors form fading.  Keeps white items white and looking like new.  L©VLAST restores whiteness to most synthetics which have yellowed or grayed.  Keeps MATERNITY wear in great shape!

L©VLAST is the only product you should use for BRACES and ELASTIC BANDAGES made out of NATURAL RUBBER.  Keeps their stretch and holding power.  Keeps them looking new.  Excellent for SURGICAL BANDAGES and BRAS.

Excellent for you handmade QUILTS, of AFGHANS.  Will not harm any fabric, print or color.  Use on cotton, acrylic, polyester, rayon and synthetic yarns.  Really cleans in only cold water.  A L©VLAST wash smells fresh and clean.  Removes even tough common stains like lipstick, blood, makeup etc without using bleach or harsh decolorants.  Safe for all hand crafted items such as CROSS-STITCHING, EMBROIDERY, CROCHETING and more.  L©VLAST is effective in hard or soft water giving superior results either by hand or machine.

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