Pittsburgh Gear

Since 1914, Pittsburgh Gear has proven to be a quality and service leader in the manufacturing of open gearing, carburized and hardened brake and track wheels, assemblies, gear box repair and complete new gear drives.

Our total in-house capabilities include gear cutting & grinding, heat treating, gear weldment fabrication, engineering, and related inspection.

At Pittsburgh Gear what we manufacture is never more important than who we manufacture for.  Our personalized customer service extends from our plant to your plant

Manufacture of all types of custom gears
from Six inches to 120" diameter.


  • In House Heat Treating:
Deep Case Carburizing
Induction Hardening
Contour Induction Hardening
  • Complete Line of Parallel Shaft Reducers
  • "Keystone Series"
  • Ground tooth, high power density, Quietest gear box's in the world. 
  • Right Angle Drives and Hollow Bore Reducers
  • Complete Gear Box repair, Re-engineering, special design reducers.

Why we want to be your Gear Box supplier

Why choose Pittsburgh Gear Company  to repair your box

Keystone Series

Types & Sizes

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Pittsburgh Gear Company
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