Pittsburgh Gear

Experienced at repairing all types
and brands of gearboxes!

We have repaired:

  • Amarillo Cooling Tower and Pump Drives
  • Alten Pump Drives and Herringbone Speed Reducers
  • Browning Speed Reducers
  • Chicago Gear/D. O. James Speed Reducers
  • Cleveland Worm Drives
  • Cone Drive Double Enveloping Worm Drives
  • Criton Planetary Gearboxes
  • David Brown Gearboxes
  • Delroyd Worm Gearboxes
  • Dodge/Reliance Electric Speed Reducers
  • Dorris Gearboxes
  • Eagle Iron Works Gearboxes
  • Falk Y Units, E Units, F Units, and Worm Units
  • Fessler Gearboxes
  • Flender Gearboxes
  • Foote-Jones Gearboxes (all types)
  • Hansen Gearboxes
  • Harnischfeger Crane Gearboxes
  • Hitachi Caster Gearboxes
  • H & S Gearboxes (all types)
  • Lohmann Planetary Drives
  • Morse Gearboxes
  • Nord Gearboxes
  • Nutall Gearboxes (all types)
  • Philadelphia Gearboxes (all types)
  • Pollack Bottle Car Gearboxes
  • Prager Gearboxes (all types)
  • Renold Gearboxes
  • Santasalo Gearboxes
  • Sumitomo Paramax Gearboxes
  • Treadwell Bottle Car Gearboxes
  • Western Gearboxes
  • Xtek Gearboxes

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