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For over 80 years Pittsburgh Gear has been providing the "mill tough" parts needed to keep the steel industry running.  Our well-equipped shop includes the equipment and skilled operators needed to quickly and accurately produce a wide variety of gears, pinions, track wheels, brake wheels, and sheave wheels.  We have in-house fabricating, heat treating, and pattern making and offer assembly services for your critical maintenance spares.

Conveniently located on Neville Island in the heart of "
Steel Country" Pittsburgh Gear can deliver competitively priced components delivered direct to your stockroom.  We welcome "blanket order" contracts and maintain special parts inventories for many customer.

Our experienced staff is available to "
reverse engineer" parts for which drawings are unavailable.  Our engineers will assist in resolving field problems and help improve your equipment.  Our extensive tooling inventory, versatile machinery, and large stock of raw material are instrumental in our ability to provide "break down" delivery on many key components.  At Pittsburgh Gear we understand the difficult conditions steel mills create for mechanical components.  Contact me for competitive pricing on:

  • Helical. Spur, and Herringbone gears and pinions.
  • Straight, coniflex, and Spiral Bevel gearsets
  • Carburized and Hardened Track Wheels.
  • Carburized and Hardened Brake Wheels
  • Sheave Wheels
  • Fabricated Gears
  • Sub-Assemblies
  • Gearbox repair and re-building
  • Replacement Gearboxes.
Please contact your local representative,

Dan Tuck at Phone: (440) 826-0288,  Fax: (440) 243-9134.

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