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Why Should Pittsburgh Gear Be Your Replacement Gearbox Supplier?

When spares or replacement gearboxes are required the original equipment manufacturer may not be your best choice!  If the product being ordered is no longer the manufacturer's "current design" you may find the price and lead time to be far more than you bargained for. 
Pittsburgh Gear custom builds DROP-IN REPLACEMENT GEARBOXES that meet or exceed the capabilities of the originals at prices lower than the OEM's.

As an outgrowth of our repair and rebuilding program,
Pittsburgh Gear has frequently been asked to build spare units for process lines that use obsolete gearbox designs.  Depending upon your requirements we can completely REVERSE ENGINEER the existing drive and build a replacement with interchangeable parts or provide an
up-to-date design with higher ratings but the same exterior dimensions.

The UPRATING potential of many older designs is quite high.  Modern material selections and heat treating, 25 pressure angle tooth forms, and optimized ratio selection can provide almost double the capacity in some units.  This is an excellent way to eliminate nagging maintenance problems and extend the service life of your process lines.

Pittsburgh Gear maintains an extensive library of gearbox catalogs and can frequently research the original dimensions from just the model numbers.  In those cases where catalog data or installation dimensions are unavailable we can measure the equipment in the field or in our shop.  We know how important it is to avoid the installation delays caused by dimensional errors and will work closely with you to insure a trouble free

replacement gearboxes are provided with a factory warranty and are rated according to the latest American Gear Manufacturer's Association standards.  We welcome your input into the design and will include the special features you need for your application.


Why choose Pittsburgh Gear to repair your box

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