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Keystone Series Shafts

The Keystone Series uses large diameter heat treated alloy steel shafting to minimize shaft stress and deflection.  Keyways are sized per ANSI standards and extension diameters are sized to fit popular coupling selections.

Keystone Series Bearings

The Keystone Series uses ISO dimensioned taper roller and spherical roller bearings that are available anywhere in the world from a variety of suppliers.
Keystone Series Seals

The Keystone Series uses widely available ISP dimensioned dual lip seals on all horizontally oriented input and output shafts.  Vertical shafts use dry wells or grease purges seals to insure leak free operation.

Keystone Series Lubrication

The Keystone Series features standard splash lubrication for most horizontal mounted units.  Economical pressure lubrication packages are offered when oil filtering is desired.  Vertical units require pressure lubrication or grease lubricated upper bearings.

Keystone Series Cooling

The Keystone Series offers a variety of cooling options when the heat dissipation capacity of the housing does not meet the system requirements.  Generously sized input shaft driven cooling fans are available with factory designed guards.  Cooling coils can be added to the oil sump.  Air/oil or oil/water heat exchangers can be provided to meet individual requirements.  Cataloged thermal ratings are based upon the AGMA specified 100 degrees F ambient temperature.

Keystone Series Speed Reducers

Using the latest design and manufacturing technology the Keystone Series offers the advantages of carburized, hardened and ground gearing in the widest range of sizes and features.  The unmatched power density of the Keystone Series is achieved through balanced gear design according to the latest AGMA standards combined with robust housing and high capacity bearings.

Keystone Series Design Features

  • AGMA Q12 carburized, hardened, & ground gearing.
  • Heavy duty cast iron or fabricated steel housings
  • ISO dimensioned taper roller & spherical roller bearings
  • Bearing quality steel pinions, gears, and shafts
  • Plunge ground sealing surfaces
  • Standard inch series hardware

Keystone Series Gearing

The Keystone Series gearing was designed according to latest AGMA 2001 standards.  Protuberance hobs with a 250 normal pressure angle are used along with shot peening to obtain high bending strength capacity.  Premium bearing quality alloy steels are given a computer controlled carburized cycle to obtain a deep case depth on tooth flanks and roots.  Gear grinding operations include tip, root, and lead modifications to insure long operating life.

Keystone Series Housings

The Keystone Series offers both cast iron and fabricated steel housings.  Our in-house pattern making permits rapid response for economical custom configurations while giving us complete control over features that most affect casting strength and integrity..  Heavy duty fabricated steel housings are available in all sizes and can be quickly customized to meet individual needs.  All fabricated steel housings receive a thermal stress relief prior to machining.  Housings feature heavy duty bolting, multiple oil drains, air vents, oil level sight gauges, threaded water tight inspection ports, and o-ring sealed retainers.

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